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University of Idaho Library Digital Collection link to Potlatch, city, mill site and local area.

If you are interested in viewing what the University of Idaho Library Digital Collection has in relation to Potlatch, Bovill, Helmer, the cities, mill sites and local areas, click on this link and have fun exploring the old photos.
The title of this particular one is…Potlatch Lumber Company Photograph Collection.

Enjoy your visit, and thanks to the University of Idaho for their helping hand in preserving history and making it available to all who wish to view it.

Interviews on YouTube

Tonight I’m going to be trimming (not editing) and uploading audio interviews from the PHS vault. Everything will be public on our YouTube channel which you can view here:

The purpose of this is to archive historical information online where it is publicly viewable for free and preserved for the future. If you have any questions, concerns or more information we can add to the videos, please let us know.