From Here To Where?

This area is historical. Come make a day trip of it touring many quaint towns and cities all within an easy drive of Potlatch. Approximately eighteen miles to the south and east of Potlatch is the University town of Moscow, home of the highly renowned University of Idaho. Eight miles due west of Moscow, lies another University town, Pullman, Washington, home of Washington State University. Lots of students in both towns keep the area young, there’s something going on nearly all the time. Thirty-five miles to the south and across the state line from Potlatch is the town of Uniontown, well known for it’s arts and artists at the Dahmen Barn. A bit further south lies the L-C valley, so called for the towns of Lewiston and Clarkston. Laying at the confluence of Snake and Clearwater Rivers, recreational opportunities abound. Also therein lies plenty of history they can call their own as well, Buffalo Eddy Petroglyphs, Nez Perce Indian Reservation, better make it a full weekend trip to fully enjoy all this area has to offer. Spring and fall is planting and harvest time on this area called “The Palouse”, be sure to bring your camera as there will be lots of picture taking opportunities and you’ll be sad if you missed them, however, that will be a great reason to come back soon. There are four distinct seasons on the Palouse, you’ll want to see them all. Continuing on, to the west of Potlatch by about twenty seven miles is the Whitman County seat of Colfax, WA, home of aptly named Whitman County Historical Society. Small towns and cities abound in this area, each one with their own “to do” activities, Harvard, Princeton, Deary, Troy, Bovill, Helmer, St. Maries, Viola, Grangeville, Juliaetta, Genesee, all in Idaho. Washington also has it’s small town list within an afternoon drive of Potlatch.
Spend an hour, spend an afternoon, spend a day or a weekend, chances are, you will not see it all. You can truly see that we are a great spot to start on your “from here to where” drive. Please check our “links” page to view applicable websites to plan your trip, or keep on with the virtual tour. Did you know you can take an actual “virtual” tour courtesy of Google Maps. It’s very easy and saves tremendously on the cost of gas, simply put Potlatch in the search box, in the lower left of the page click on the “earth” symbol and then take the little person from the embedded task bar and using the arrows to advance and move about, seeing the real life images that the google rover took as it drove about town. I often do this myself just to take a trip without leaving my chair, and many times to see where I will turn when I go through a new town. It’s a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, does not cost a penny in gas and believe you me, the traffic is bearable.

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